Value of A Funeral Service April 24, 2013

A funeral is an important part of grieving, and often the first step in the healing process. For thousands of years, funerals have been the preferred means of expressing grief and paying tribute to loved ones.

Value of the Funeral

Acknowledges that a life has been lived. Allows mourners to remember and honour their loved ones in a special way. Serves as a central and safe gathering place for family and friends to give emotional and physical support to one another. Provides closure for the bereaved, Initiates the grieving process, Confirms the reality and finality of the death. Encourages mourners to face the pain of their loss and express their thoughts and feelings. Helps survivors to better cope with their grief and enables them to move forward with their lives.

When dealing with loss and grief, there is no single solution that meets the needs of every individual. The type of service chosen is largely based on the personal preferences of both the survivors and the deceased. The important thing is that you acknowledge the passing of a loved one in a way that is meaningful and helpful in your healing, and that you realize you are not alone. Your local funeral home and licensed funeral director are trained to help you through this difficult time.

The Internet has emerged as a useful medium for education around important life decisions, but few online resources exist that provide families with comprehensive tools and information necessary for funeral planning. provides the information and insights that will help you create a meaningful funeral experience that honors the unique life of your loved one and starts you on the path to healing. For complete information, including interactive tools, educational videos and a printable planning guide, please visit

Meaningful funerals are rites of passage that help us move from life before a death to life after a death. They help families and friends support one another, embrace their feelings and embark on the journey to transcendence.

Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.
Director, Centre for Loss and Life Transition