We provide support to you and your loved ones throughout the entire process of coping with loss, including before, during, and after. Aftercare, a service we offer at no cost, is a follow-up consultation after the funeral or memorial service. Its aim is to assist those who are dealing with pressing estate matters after the loss of a loved one, such as the surviving family members, next of kin, or executors. This consultation typically lasts about an hour and can be held either at the funeral home or in the convenience of your own home. The consultation covers a range of topics, including:

  • Cancelling
    • Canada Pension Plan Benefits
    • OAS Benefits
    • SIN number and card
    • Health card
  • Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security
    • application for lump-sum death benefit
    • application for survivors benefit, and childrens benefits (if applicable)
  • Retirement and Pensions
    • private, provincial or federal application for survivor's benefits
  • Insurance
    • application for life insurance benefits
    • updating beneficiaries on existing policies
    • continuance of health insurance
  • Credit Card Cancellations
    • contacting companies as needed (plus some little known advice about card cancellations)
  • Bank Account Updates
    • adding names of children or other survivors
    • confirming bank procedures for closing an account
    • helpful information about joint accounts

If you have any further questions regarding prearrangement or our aftercare program
please do not hesitate to contact our preneed/aftercare specialist Jon Griffiths .