Giving a Eulogy or Tribute April 6, 2011

Giving a Memorable Eulogy or Tribute

Many people have difficulty with public speaking, and find it one of the hardest fears to overcome. Add to that the stress of grief, and the thought of giving a eulogy or tribute for a lost friend or loved one can be very difficult. Every life is different and unique, and thus the tribute or memories that you offer for that person will also be something special. There is no right or wrong way to offer a tribute or eulogy, but I would offer a few words of advice as you begin the process...... 


The funeral is for those grieving, this includes family, friends, and all of those in attendance at the funeral or celebration of life. 
- Use the deceased's name. (If he was 'Joe' to you, use that, his first name. If he was Dad, use that. Use what is comfortable for you.) 
- Speak about the unique qualities of that person; you may include family history, important career or personal highlights, etc. 
- There is no set length for a tribute or eulogy. (Keep your eulogy brief enough to say what you need to say, and to ease the pain of those present; but remember that no need to talk for any great length of time.) 
- You can use different forms of technology (computer, music, video, etc. Ask us for advice if you have never spoken at a funeral before. A eulogy does not need to be traditional, and we have seen many different unique tributes) 
- It's okay to use humour (but keep it appropriate) people enjoy hearing about the anecdotes that are part of our lives. 
- Be sincere. 
- Consult with family and clergy to determine their desires and any possible restrictions in the service itself. 
- If you become upset when giving a eulogy, take a moment to compose yourself; everyone will understand. 
- If you feel you are simply not up to speaking, it is perfectly okay to ask the clergy or another person to read a tribute that you have written for you. 
- And finally, if you have any concerns or questions, ask any member of the staff at Carson Funeral Home, we are here to help....... 

D. Carson