Taking Care of Your Loved One’s Affairs September 12, 2008

Taking Care of Your Loved One’s Affairs

In the days following a death there are numerous details related to a loved ones affairs to attend too. Every death results in the creation of an estate which requires some degree of management and administration.

Family members and those in responsible for overseeing these matters often realize that they lack the necessary knowledge and expertise to organize and settle the estate. As part of Doolittle-Carson Funeral home’s Advanced Family Assistance program, families receive a simple yet comprehensive step-by-step package to help take care of their loved one’s affairs. This 2-part estate management system saves families time and money when organizing or settling their loved one’s estate.

Part 1 – Estate Settlement: In order for the Executor/Estate Trustee to take charge and settle the estate, they must understand their legal obligations and know how to operate in this complex area of estate law. Among their many duties, they need to gather and organization documents, safeguard assets and beneficiaries, file for benefits and probate, notify various agencies and companies, file tax returns and distribute assets. In addition, they need to protect the estate from fraud and identity theft. Time and money saving tips in this package also include how to:
? Forward the mail for FREE
? Secure a refund for the Drivers’ Licence
? Search for unclaimed bank accounts and life insurance policies
? Avoid safe deposit drilling fees

Part 2 – Estate Organization: After a death, survivors should re-organize their personal affairs and update their estate documents. Having paperwork in good order and final wishes well documented saves loved ones in the next generation many hours of stress and potential discord. This information also protects the final estate from unnecessary fees and expenses, leaving more to those who matter most.

Whether an estate is simple or complex, whether the family is working with a lawyer or not, Doolittle-Carson Funeral home’s Advanced Family Assistance program empowers families to monitor the situation, control expenses and efficiently take care of their loved one’s affairs.