Why Prearrange September 12, 2008

10 Reasons Why Consumers Choose to Prearrange

In recent surveys Canadians are shown to have a very positive view of pre planning for funeral arrangements. 79% indicate that it is a good idea to pre arrange yet only 21% have actually made some arrangements. Of that number, the most common cited reason for doing so was to relieve the emotional and financial burden on their family and loved ones.

10 Reasons for Prearrangement

1. To let surviving family members know what type of funeral they want by choosing specific funeral services and merchandise.
2. To provide an opportunity to personalize the funeral and post death activities.
3. To assure that survivors will not select a type of funeral that differs from the one desired.
4. To assure a surviving spouse of having the same funeral as the one selected for the deceased spouse, if desired.
5. To determine the price involved for the funeral based upon the consumers personal wishes and decisions.
6. To provide parameters on the amount to be spent.
7. To provide protection from inflation and rising costs for funeral services.
8. To avoid problems caused by family separation.
9. To relieve surviving family members of the financial responsibility.
10. To give “peace of mind” to the person planning his or her funeral in advance of the need. 

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