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Rememberance Day


Why do we feel so strongly that all Canadians should pay tribute to these heroes of our country?

Almost 2,000,000 men and women unselfishly answered the call to service during these wars and very sadly approximately 350,000 were killed or wounded while doing their duty. These numbers do not take into account the post war suffering that many experienced upon their return to civilian life. Since then we have seen many more of our young people joining our military and serving as peace keepers, as well as in conflicts such as Bosnia, The Gulf War and Afghanistan. They have also suffered deaths and casualties during their duties overseas and are deserving of our recognition and support.

Feel free to visit us and help pay respect to these valiant warriors who have and are helping to defend the values we hold so dear.

Remember, November the 11th at 11.00am at the Cenotaph in your local community for the annual Remembrance Day Service and wreath laying ceremony.

Graham Trude of Collingwood Ontario sings this touching Remembrance Day song…part of this video was filmed/produced in Penetanguishene.


We recall today that the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month in 1918 marked the end of fighting in the First World War. That day was surely one of celebration and triumph, but must have also been bitter-sweet as millions of the world’s citizens, weary from years of loss and destruction, could dare, finally, to allow themselves to contemplate the rebuilding of cities, countries and families. Today, November 11 is a day to remember and reflect on the mighty cost our country, and especially our veterans, have paid in defense of freedom.

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